Avalon Charcoal and Bio-Char

We are a small family business based in Dulverton, at the heart of Exmoor in Somerset. Our Bio-Char and Charcoal are produced from waste and surplus timber from woodland management projects on Exmoor.

avalon charcoal and bio-char dulverton
Efficient and Clean

Our products are 100% British, all of our charcoal products are made using our mobile Retort and all our wood is sourced from within Exmoor National Park.

A Retort is a method of making very high grade charcoal, which is 75% greener and cleaner for the environment than a traditional ring kiln.

BBQ Charcoal

Our BBQ Charcoal is traditional lump wood style.

  • It is made with a mix of Beech, Ash, Oak and Hazel
  • It is easy to light and produces a high clean heat
  • Not imported – reducing environmental damage

100% pure, no additives


The green way to improve your soil

Bio-char is a natural soil improver.

  • 100% natural and organic, it helps improve the soil structure and also helps root growth, plant health and can increase crop yield
  • It can be used in pots, tubs, hanging baskets or added straight to your soil
  • 1Kg Bags – 14mm Pieces

Granulated Animal Feed

We are the only company who use British wood here in the South-west (Exmoor National Park). It is suitable for all animal usage. It can help all animals keep their digestive system healthy and all round well being by helping to remove toxins and letting them pass naturally through the body.

It can be used for the treatment of gastric ulcers, colic and arthritis in horses and ponies and in poultry. It can absorb toxins in the digestive system, absord ammonia, reduce gut disease and coccidiosis.

(Always seek veterinary advice before use.)